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Tuning Shop

We have an authentic wax tune-up shop right inside of LOTTE ARAI RESORT Village Station.
Our top of the line materials and expert staff provide you with a wax tune-up that is perfectly suited to the condition of the slopes on that day.
Of course, our vice tables are freely available to non-guests as well.


  • Type
  • Location
    Village Station 1F (Reception: Rental shop)



Same as rental shop.

  • About Tune-ups

-About Wax tune-ups-
Professional high-fluorine waxing service

-About high-end wax tune-ups-
Professional waxing service using the much-hailed metallic ion wax

Using “WAX-FUTURE” (cutting edge machine waxing technology that utilizes infrared rays), our expert staff will carefully scrape and brush your gear to provide the most suitable tune-up possible for that day’s snow.

- Scraping & Brushing : 2,000 yen

  • Wax tune-up benefits

Wax tune-up: 4,000 yen
High-end wax tune-up: 5,000 yen

  • Duration

1–2 hours

  • Please confirm the waiting time for same day service with the staff on duty
  • We are able to keep your gear until the next day (resort guests only). Please inform our staff of your hotel name, room number, and your desired pickup time.

As a special benefit for those utilizing our wax tune-up service, we will keep your gear overnight at the shop, free of charge.
Even if you do not utilize our hotel’s ski lockers, we are happy to hold your gear at the Village Station next to the gondola ride, allowing you to conveniently return to the hotel unencumbered!

For those that don’t purchase our wax tune-up service, please feel free to use the tune-up room free of charge.
We provide benches and vices for your ski/snowboard, as well as ski/snowboard stands.
In addition to the above, we also provide screw-drivers, so please feel free to ask our rental shop staff for more information.