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Have a glass of tropical cocktail enjoying the beautiful sunset of Tumon Bay Beach from modern and sophisticated hotel lounge in LOTTE HOTEL GUAM and make a romantic memory! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menu`s available for a dine-in experience.


  • Type
    Bars & Lounges
  • Location
    Central Wing 5F


24 Hours


※ Daily Dinner Menu available and located at The Lounge & Deli ※

o 06:00am ~ 10:00am (Breakfast menu)
o 11:30am ~ 14:30pm (Lunch menu)
o 18:00pm ~ 10:30pm (Dinner menu)

o 09:00am ~ 14:30pm (Bento Boxes available)
o 24 Hours (Bread, Breakfast Pastries, Cakes, Sandwiches & Salads available)


TEL +1-671-646-6811 Make a Call